Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully.  We are available for contact if you have any questions.

1. The Tenant agrees that the relationship between the Tenant

and the Landlord created by this rental agreement is that of Landlord

and Tenant and not that of bailor-Bailee.

2. Tenant agrees to pay first month’s rent (as stated above) or a

proration thereof and a security deposit (as stated above) upon the

signing of this Lease, and all subsequent monthly rentals on or before

the first day of each month. Tenant agrees to pay all applicable rental

or sales tax, if any. Landlord shall have the right to apply deposit to

any delinquent rental. Tenant shall immediately make repayment to

the Landlord for all or any portion of the deposit so applied, which

repayment shall be made immediately upon receipt of demand from

the Landlord. Failure of the Tenant to pay rental on or before the 5th

day of the month for which said rental is due, shall cause a $5.00 late

charge to be added to the rental due. Tenant shall not assign this

rental agreement or sublet the whole or any portion of the unit

rented, without the express written permission of the Landlord.

3. Tenant hereby agrees to comply with all existing laws and will

not store any inflammable, combustible or other dangerous materials

or objects in the unit. Landlord shall have the right to enter the unit

when deemed necessary by Landlord and without notice to the Tenant

for inspection or to protect the site premises. Tenant shall not deface

unit nor attach shelving or hooks or brackets to walls and doors.

Insurance coverage on contents of unit shall be provided by the

Tenant, at Tenant’s expense. In the event of any loss to the unit

and/or the contents thereof, the Tenant shall look solely to its

insurance coverage and shall make no claims whatsoever against the


4. Tenant hereby agrees that Landlord shall have no liability

whatsoever or to any extent for or on account of any loss or injury to

any property of Tenant or to Tenant. Tenant hereby indemnifies

Landlord against any liability, claims, expenses or damages, including

reasonable attorney fees, which Landlord, may incur by reason of

damage or injury caused to Landlord, its employees and agents, other

Tenants of the site and any other person, and to the herein described

unit and premises and other units of the site premises by reason of the

use made by the Tenant of the unit and the Tenant’s care and

maintenance of the unit and the items stored therein.

5. Tenant agrees that his/her use of the unit shall in no way

interfere with the use of the Landlord or any other Tenant of any

portion of the site premises and that the Tenant shall not make or

allow to be made, any unlawful, improper or offensive use of the unit.

Tenant agrees that Tenant will not in any way, place any item or

material outside the unit rented by the Tenant, but all property of

Tenant shall at all times be located in such units and that unit will at all

times be kept locked.

6. All goods and property stored and kept by the Tenant in the unit

the day following the day of the termination of this lease or on the

sixth day following the date that the rental or any other charges

herein provided to be paid by the Tenant remains delinquent and

unpaid, shall be considered ABONDONED, and the Landlord shall have

the right to lockout the Tenant from said unit and deny the Tenant

access to the contents thereof until such time as the Tenant has made

payment of the total rental and late charges, together with any other

charges and costs as herein provided and agreed to be paid to and

including the date of said payment. The Tenant does agree that the

Landlord shall have a lien on any said goods and property to secure

the payment of any said delinquent rental, charges and costs and shall

have the right to sell said goods and personal property pursuant to the

laws of the state of Utah and to apply any proceeds of sale in payment

of said delinquent rental charges and costs.

7. Tenant shall be entitled upon termination of this agreement and

the tenancy herein provided to a refund of the cleaning, damage and

security deposit, provided the Tenant shall not be in default of any

obligation of payment or performance hereunder, that the premises

are left in a clean condition and that no portion of the premises or any

other property of the Landlord has been damaged by the Tenant,

otherwise Landlord shall be entitled to retain said deposit or such

portion thereof as may be necessary to satisfy any paid or

unperformed obligations of Tenant hereunder, to clean the premises

or to repair and restore any such damage and, in the event said

deposit shall prove insufficient for such purpose, to bring any action

against the Tenant for any balance due.

8. If Tenant shall default in the payment of the rent or any other

amount due under this agreement, or any part thereof and such

default shall continue for a period of five (5) days from the due date of

said payment or fails to remedy any other default under this

agreement five (5) days after the Landlord has demanded that said

default be remedied, or if the Tenant either vacates or abandons the

property, then the Landlord, may at its option, terminate the lease,

without notice, and may immediately, or at any time thereafter reenter

and take possession of the unit, either with or without legal

process, the notice of intention to re-enter being waived by the

Tenant, and the Landlord may remove all goods and possessions

therein kept and stored by the Tenant.

9. Tenant warrants that all goods and personal property to be

placed by Tenant in the unit hereby rented by Tenant, shall be

Tenant’s own property and shall be subject to levy and sale by the

Landlord unless so listed by Tenant on all copies of this agreement. In

the event that the provisions of paragraph 8 of this agreement are

invoked, Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless and indemnify

Landlord in the event that Landlord takes possession of and/or sells

property in the unit which belongs to a party other than Tenant and

not so indicated on all copies.

10. Upon expiration of the term of this lease the Tenant continues

in possession with the consent of the Landlord, such continued

possession, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall constitute a

tenancy from month to month only, and all provisions of this

agreement not inconsistent with a tenancy from month to month shall

remain in full force and effect, and Tenant shall pay as monthly rental,

the then reasonable value of the use and occupation of the unit which

in no event shall be less than the rent to have been paid for the last

month under this agreement. Any said month to month tenancy may

be terminated by either party by the giving of at least fifteen (15) days

of notice to the other party of the intention to terminate said tenancy.

11. In the event that the Tenant shall default in the performance of

the conditions and covenants to be performed by the Tenant under

this agreement, then and in that event, said Tenant shall make

payment of all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees

incurred by the Landlord in enforcing the terms of this agreement or

pursing any other remedy available under the laws of the state of


12. The covenants herein shall extend to and be binding upon the

parties hereto, their heirs executors and assigns.

13. All remedies hereinbefore given and all rights and remedies now

in existence of hereinafter given to Landlord by law or equity shall be

cumulative and concurrent.