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Park City Storage Problems And How We Can Help

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Do you live in Park City?  Do you need storage space?  Well, there are plenty of places to rent storage units inside the city limits, but taking a space there might not be the best idea.  Consider Vernon Storage instead.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Why should I get a storage unit in Wanship when I live in Park City?”  It’s a good question and there are three simple reasons: space,cost, and ease of access.


We’re Still Close

We’re not as far from Park City as you might think.  Wanship is less than 20 miles away from Park City and there’s a freeway that goes all the way there.  Depending on the route you take, it can be between 20 and 30 minutes to get here.  We have easy access both on and off the freeway, so you’ll be able to get to us however you approach.

You might wonder how driving and extra 20 to 30 minutes might be more convenient than in town.  That’s still about an hour’s worth of travel when the trip back is calculated in, right?  This is true.  If you had to visit every day, it would be a hassle, but you don’t, do you?  No, of course not.  You go there maybe once a month at most.  If you needed to drop by every day, something in town might be more convenient for time, but since you don’t, you ought to consider the other benefits we offer over Park City.


Much Cheaper!

In a big, crowded place like Park City, space is at a premium.  You expect this from big cities.  Because more people live in the area, there is less space to offer. There has to be enough housing for the population, for one.  There also still has to be space for the businesses that keep the local economy going and provide people with the services they require.  Since every city has certain services and businesses that are necessary to function, the value of space goes up pretty fast as the population rises. As a result, prices for storage space in Park City are quite high.  The cheapest prices available in Park City start at $80 and can go as high as over $300.

Conversely, out here in Wanship, the population density is much lower and there’s much more space to spread out.  This means that we can offer you storage space at as low as 2/3 the cost of a big city.  The savings on that alone outweigh the cost of the short drive to get here.


More Room!

Easy AccessSpace is at a premium in Park City.  That means its not only more expensive, but there’s less of it.  The cheapest you’ll pay in Park City is $80 and what will that get you?  A measly 5×5 unit.  And that’s assuming you get a good deal.  Many places that rent storage space charge as much as $100 for that size.  At over $300, you’ll get a 10×25 space.  On top of that, you also have to factor in the cost of parking, since parking is never free in a big city.

At Vernon Storage, our smallest units are start at 7×12, giving you more than twice the space at minimum.  Our largest units go up to 14×40, again more than double what you can get within city limits.  For the cost of a short drive, you can get more space, meaning you’ll be able to get by renting one unit when you might otherwise need two.  This dramatically reduces the amount of money you spend each month while giving you more room to move about in your storage space when you’re packing and unpacking.  It’s a great bargain!


No Rush, No Fuss!

Park CityRecently, traffic has started to become a problem in Park City.  The rapid development of the city has brought increased living costs.  The rent is going up fast.  This has resulted in a lot of its workers commuting rather than living there.  More commuters means more cars on the road and this has led to some serious congestion problems.  While the city is and will continue to work to reduce these problems, it can only be expected that the traffic problems will continue to grow as the city does. It’s just a fact of life for big cities.

How does this affect the self-storage business? Well, traffic congestion can make it harder to access storage facilities.  You’ll spend more time trying to get in and out of the facility, choking down car exhaust as the people drive by without any concern for your attempts to get on the road.  You’ll have to move quickly to escape the trap these facilities can become, especially during rush hour.

Out here in Wanship, though, that’s never a problem. The traffic around here moves pretty smoothly.  You won’t have to worry about getting into or out of our facilities, regardless of the time. You’ll be in and out with a snap of your fingers whatever time you want to drop by.  No rush, no fuss!


See How Vernon Storage Can Help You!

So, do you need some storage?  Get in touch with us and see just how much more affordable and convenient we are.  For the cost of a short drive, you’ll spend less money and get more space, causing you less worry.  See how we can help you with all your storage needs.