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How to Pick the Right Size Storage Unit

Maybe you’re moving and you need a place to store your things while you prepare to get into your new house.  Maybe you just have a lot of junk taking up space that don’t have time to go through.  Or maybe a relative died and left you a lot of things that you don’t have time to go through, but need to get out of the old house.  Whatever the reason, you’re looking to rent a storage unit.

But how do I pick the right size?

1. How Long Are You Storing?

This is a good question to ask yourself before renting a storage unit.  It may not seem that important, but it may make a huge difference.  For example, if you’re just putting a bunch of things into the shed that you intend to leave there for a few months while you get a new house ready, then you don’t have to worry about getting into it and moving around.  You’re just going to pull everything out of it the next time you open it up, right?  So, if you don’t need to worry about making paths to move around it, you can pack it as tightly as possible.  If you do this, you can reduce the space you need by quite a lot and that means a smaller, less costly unit will do.

2. Take Inventory

Knowing what you intend to store is an important part of deciding on a unit size.  How big are the items you’re trying to store?  Can they be stacked?  Are any of them irregular shapes that can’t be boxed, like bikes or lamps?  Having an inventory of what you intend to store gives you a good idea of how much space you’ll need.

Don’t forget that most storage units are at least 8 feet tall.  That means that very long, but narrow items, like couches, can be stored vertically to reduce the space they take up.

3. Moving Trucks Make Great Comparison

A moving van can be a good indicator of how much space you’ll need.  If you can fit everything you intend to store in one moving truck, then you know that it won’t need to be any bigger than that.  If you don’t fill up the whole truck, you know you can definitely go smaller.

4. Understand the Dimensions

packing a storage unitYou can generally guess how much you can fit into a unit based on its size.  We have a variety of sizes to choose from.  Our smaller unit sizes (less than 100 square feet) are pretty good for temporary storage in between moves, or for seasonal storage.  The mid-range storage units (100 to 200 square feet) can hold two to four bedrooms worth of items, including furniture.  The larger units (200-300 square feet) are enough to hold everything in a fully furnished, 5-bedroom house.  Then we have our very big storage units (above 300 square feet) for more permanent storage solutions.  If you’re renting one of these, it’s probably because you own a couple of cars, a boat, or maybe a giant trailer.  If you don’t have space to store these in your garage and driveway, then our big storage units are for you.

5. When in Doubt

The guidelines mentioned in section 4 are assuming you’re good at packing.  If you’re not a good packer, don’t be afraid to go a little bigger.  It’s usually only a few dollars more and it might be worth the convenience.

Free Up Space Today!

Whether you’re in Park City and looking to get a better deal on some seasonal storage, or you just want a place to store your things while you get your new home ready to move in, we’ve got what you need.  Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you start saving space in your home today.