5 Things You Should Never Put in Storage

fire in a storage facility

Photo courtasey of Herald Journal News

Just recently, there was a fire in a storage facility in Hyrum City. Although firefighters did there best to put it out quickly, it still did close to $1.5 million in damage. (source). While the cause of the fire has not been released as yet, it did get me thinking about how some thing shouldn’t be stored in our facilities. I realized that’s something I’ve not talked about. A few things are explicitly forbidden as a part of our terms and conditions, but now’s probably a good time to go over a few good rules.

Things You Should Never Put in Storage

1. Flammables

This is the one that got me thinking about this subject, and it’s one of the items that is expressly forbidden under contract. The reason why is obvious. It can get hot in a storage shed, especially during the summer months. It doesn’t take a spark to start a fire, the temperature just has to be higher than the ignition point. For most things, that’s pretty high; higher than it could conceivably get inside a storage shed.

Flammables are an exception, though. Gasoline, certain chemicals, and other materials all have lower ignition points than most substances and a hot summer might set them alight. Since a lot of the things you’ll have in storage are wood, cardboard, and paper, once a fire starts, it will quickly spread. It should be common sense to keep flammable materials out of storage, but just in case, I reiterate the point: don’t do it.

2. Explosives

explosivesThis is another thing forbidden in our terms of service. It’s also illegal.  Like flammables this one should be obvious. Stable explosives might not go off just on a hot day – though some can, especially if they’ve degraded due to time or contamination – but if there’s a fire, they certainly will. When explosives go off in a storage unit, it makes putting the fire out all the more dangerous and difficult. It spreads the burning materials around and can put firefighter’s lives at risk.
For reference, explosives also includes weapons and ammunition, which are also illegal to store in public facilities.

3. Hazardous Materials

This one is another obvious one, but what’s not so obvious is what is and is not hazardous. Sure, poisons, medical supplies, and radioactive waste – where are you even getting radioactive waste to store in the first place? – are all clearly hazardous materials and you wouldn’t think of storing them in a common storage facility. Even household items like cleaning fluids and fertilizer are hazardous, though. If improperly handled, they can leak out and mix with the groundwater or run-off from rain, which risks the health of people living nearby.
Some hazardous materials can get stored accidentally. There have been a surprising amount of occasions where someone stored asbestos in storage facilities without even knowing it. Despite what people think, asbestos is not actually illegal in the United States. While the EPA has been working on it, most of the bans were overturned in the 90s.  Numerous products containing asbestos in them that are back on the market. For a short list of products that contain asbestos, you can check this website.

4. Food

You’re clearly not thinking of storing raw meat or dairy products in our facilities. That would be stupid and you’re not an idiot. But it’s also a bad idea to store canned goods. The changes in temperature that occur in a storage unit can cause expansion and contraction in metal cans, which may cause them to break open and leak, spoiling the food. Even in climate controlled facilities, canned goods are a bad idea, because they can attract pests. While it’s not strictly illegal, it’s just not a good idea.

5. Living Things

sad dog

“Please don’t leave me in a storage shed.”

While you may think this one is obvious, I’ve heard so many sad stories of people who tried to leave their pets in storage units while they were away for a couple of days. Even if you leave food – which just attracts pests, if you remember the previous point – and water for them, it’s impossible to guess just how much they’ll need. Furthermore, water evaporates.  After the first or second day, most of it will be gone. Where it goes from there is obvious. Furthermore, the temperatures in storage units can sometimes get hotter or colder than your pet could possibly survive in. All in all, it’s just not a nice thing to do to your beloved animal friend.
This goes double for plants. Plants will wither and die quickly in warm temperatures, and will run out of water much faster. Even leaving a potted plant in a storage facility for one to two days will most likely kill it.
Spare yourself a heartbreak and make better arrangements for your pets.

For Your Protection

There are lots of restrictions on what you can and can’t store in a facility, but keep in mind that these regulations are for your safety. All of these things pose health and safety risks if you break the rules, so don’t consider breaking them, even if you think it’s just for a day. One day is all it takes for something to go terribly wrong.
On the other hand, there’s plenty of legal things to store. If you need to make some space in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ve got plenty of space and a wide variety of unit sizes to suit your needs.

right size of storage unit

How to Pick the Right Size Storage Unit

Maybe you’re moving and you need a place to store your things while you prepare to get into your new house.  Maybe you just have a lot of junk taking up space that don’t have time to go through.  Or maybe a relative died and left you a lot of things that you don’t have time to go through, but need to get out of the old house.  Whatever the reason, you’re looking to rent a storage unit.

But how do I pick the right size?

1. How Long Are You Storing?

This is a good question to ask yourself before renting a storage unit.  It may not seem that important, but it may make a huge difference.  For example, if you’re just putting a bunch of things into the shed that you intend to leave there for a few months while you get a new house ready, then you don’t have to worry about getting into it and moving around.  You’re just going to pull everything out of it the next time you open it up, right?  So, if you don’t need to worry about making paths to move around it, you can pack it as tightly as possible.  If you do this, you can reduce the space you need by quite a lot and that means a smaller, less costly unit will do.

2. Take Inventory

Knowing what you intend to store is an important part of deciding on a unit size.  How big are the items you’re trying to store?  Can they be stacked?  Are any of them irregular shapes that can’t be boxed, like bikes or lamps?  Having an inventory of what you intend to store gives you a good idea of how much space you’ll need.

Don’t forget that most storage units are at least 8 feet tall.  That means that very long, but narrow items, like couches, can be stored vertically to reduce the space they take up.

3. Moving Trucks Make Great Comparison

A moving van can be a good indicator of how much space you’ll need.  If you can fit everything you intend to store in one moving truck, then you know that it won’t need to be any bigger than that.  If you don’t fill up the whole truck, you know you can definitely go smaller.

4. Understand the Dimensions

packing a storage unitYou can generally guess how much you can fit into a unit based on its size.  We have a variety of sizes to choose from.  Our smaller unit sizes (less than 100 square feet) are pretty good for temporary storage in between moves, or for seasonal storage.  The mid-range storage units (100 to 200 square feet) can hold two to four bedrooms worth of items, including furniture.  The larger units (200-300 square feet) are enough to hold everything in a fully furnished, 5-bedroom house.  Then we have our very big storage units (above 300 square feet) for more permanent storage solutions.  If you’re renting one of these, it’s probably because you own a couple of cars, a boat, or maybe a giant trailer.  If you don’t have space to store these in your garage and driveway, then our big storage units are for you.

5. When in Doubt

The guidelines mentioned in section 4 are assuming you’re good at packing.  If you’re not a good packer, don’t be afraid to go a little bigger.  It’s usually only a few dollars more and it might be worth the convenience.

Free Up Space Today!

Whether you’re in Park City and looking to get a better deal on some seasonal storage, or you just want a place to store your things while you get your new home ready to move in, we’ve got what you need.  Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you start saving space in your home today.

great accessibility

Seasonal Storage for Park City, Summit County, and More

Isn’t Storage Expensive?

Seasonal Storage for Park City, Summit County, and more            This is something that comes up a lot when asking about storage: is it worth it? After all, you’re paying money to have a place to store your stuff. Isn’t it easier to just store it at home, or just get rid of things? Well, yes, that can be less expensive but it isn’t always possible or convenient. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what you do and don’t need to keep.

That’s where seasonal storage helps.

What is Seasonal Storage?

Seasonal storage is the practice of using a storage space for seasonal purposes. In winter, you store things that you only use in the summer, while in the summer, you store things you only use in winter. This practice lets you have more space in your home by only keeping the things you’re currently using in your home. It’s a very simple practice. But how does that help?

Going Through Your Storage

One way that seasonal storage helps you is that it makes you take a look at the things you store every few months. Yes, it’s generally cheaper to get rid of things you don’t need, but it can be hard to work out what you don’t need. One of the major problems with storing things is that you put them in an attic, or basement, or storage shed and then you never think about them again. This causes your storage to fill up with things that you aren’t using, which means you forget about them.   Then, one day you go through your storage and find things you haven’t thought about in years.

At that point, it’s fairly obvious that you’re not using it, but by then you’ve got huge piles of junk that you’ve built up. The more you have in your storage, the harder it is to commit to going through. You get into a bad habit of putting things in storage, but never going through them.

With seasonal storage, however, you’re going through everything regularly. That means you always know how much you have in storage and generally know what’s in it. The back-and-forth you do with the changing of the seasons means you quickly realize what you aren’t using and what you are. That makes it so much easier to get rid of things.

Space Is A Limiting Factor

Park City

Space in Park City is expensive.

There’s a reason why you aren’t storing everything at home to begin with. Space is a commodity in its own right and you have a limited amount of it. This is especially true in big cities, like Park City. Park City is on a growth trend, with business and residential growth steadily eating up the space. That means that renting storage space in Park City comes at a premium; you have to pay more for less space because there isn’t as much to go around.  In just the last few years alone, the average price of homes in Park City has gone up 19%. As the city grows, you’ll begin to see the prices going up even more, as well as more serious traffic congestion.

That’s why some Park City residents prefer to come to us. We’re not a very far drive out, but we can rent our space much lower prices than in town. Since Park City is a great sports town, with both winter and summer sports attractions, seasonal storage is great. Since you won’t be coming to your storage unit every day, why pay more for it? The short drive to our facility saves you a lot more money in the long run.

Come See What We Have to Offer!

Here at Vernon Storage, we pride ourselves on offering great storage space at low prices. With a variety of storage sizes to pick from, we can meet all your storage needs. Get in touch today and see how we can save you some money and make your life more convenient.


Spring-Cleaning for Self-Storage

Spring cleaningThe winter is coming to an end. With the snow starting to melt as the weather warms, it’s a good time for some spring-cleaning. That includes your self-storage.

Seasonal Storage

Last fall, we talked about why seasonal storage is good. It’s a great way to save space in your home. By switching out your storage between summer and winter, all the things you don’t use won’t clutter up your house. So, if you’re using a seasonal storage strategy, now’s a good time to start going through your storage unit.  Figure out what you’ll be needing and get ready to switch it out with the stuff you’ll be putting away soon.


Even if you’re not using a seasonal storage strategy, in the next month or two is probably still a good time to get up to your unit and start going through it. For one thing, dust accumulates. The things you’ve put in storage will be getting pretty dusty by now. Hopefully, you’ve put down plastic sheets over things to keep the dust off, but now’s a good time to check and make sure everything’s still okay.

declutterAnother good reason to do some spring-cleaning is that regularly going through your storage will help you get rid of things. One of the hardest things keeping your life uncluttered is getting rid of things. We all have things we don’t use, but don’t ever get around to getting rid of them. These things often end up in storage units, out of sight, out of mind.  They’re still clutter, though.

Going through your storage shed for regular spring-cleaning will help you work out what things you’re not using and likely won’t use again. It’ll help you get rid of them. Once you do, you might be able to switch to a smaller unit and save some money, or you could put more things into it and free up space in your home. Either way, it’s a benefit to you.

How Can We Help?

Vernon StorageIf you’re looking to rent some storage, we’ve got the space. If spring-cleaning changes up your storage needs, that’s great, too. Got any other needs or question we can help you out with?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always willing to help.

death cleaning

Death Cleaning: How Self-Storage Can Help

clutterSo Much Stuff

As we get older, we begin to accumulate things. Whether it’s a compulsive hoarding habit, or just procrastination of proper cleanout, the older we get, the more possessions we have.  It’s not something anybody thinks about – until there’s a death in the family. Once that happens, all that clutter needs to go somewhere.

Death Cleaning

The Sweedish have a word: dostadning.  The literal translation is “death-cleaning.”  It is part of the process of setting your life in order before you die.  In particular, it is the act of organizing your possessions so your children don’t have to.  When the time comes, you go through everything you have, sort it out, and decide who gets what.  Your loved ones can better plan how they’re going to handle your property while you’re still around rather than having them struggle with it – or worse, fight over it – after you’re not around to help.  It’s a pretty good idea.


Sudden Death

It’s not always possible, though.  Sometimes a loved-one can die suddenly, before they’ve had time to sort everything out.  When that happens, you have whatever mess they’ve accumulated to deal with. There may be mortgage payments, or other bills piling up that you can’t deal with. With the death being so sudden, you don’t have time to deal with all that, but you need to do something about the house and its clutter.  You can’t just put it all in your own home, though; you haven’t the space. What will you do?


A good self-storage unit can be a life-save in a pinch like this.  You know you have to clear out the house, but don’t have a place to put it.  With a storage unit, you can put it up for a little while, give you time to straighten everything out before you have to deal with the clutter.  It takes a load off your mind during a difficult time, letting you focus on the things that really matter, rather than the many, many things that don’t.

Even if we’re not talking a sudden death, self-storage can still help.  As you and your family sort through things, you may have some things you don’t want to get rid of, but are in the way and nobody has a place for them.  Some temporary self-storage can give you a place to keep things as you organize.

Let Us Help

Here at Vernon Storage, we understand that people sometimes need short-term storage.  It might not always be something so tragic as a death in the family. It might just be moving from one home to another.  Maybe you need a place to store things in that awkward limbo period where you’ve moved out of your old house, but haven’t been able to move into the new one.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for short-term storage, we have you covered.  At Vernon Storage, we do not have any minimum time-period contracts on our units.  You pay for them as you use them, so if you only need a week or two, you aren’t locked into a contract for any longer than that.

If you need some extra storage space, whether it’s short-term or long-term, get in touch with us today and see how we can help.  We promise we can meet all your storage needs.

Winter Storage

Things People Store During the Winter

Seasonal Storage For Summit County and Beyond!

The first snowfalls have come this year and it looks like it’s not going to let up.  Predictions for Utah this year are that we’ll have colder than average temperatures and deeper snowfall than previous years.  Park City will certainly enjoy that; the heavy snowfalls will be great for skiing and other winter sports and tourism industries. But what if you’re living in Park City? Well, we can’t help you much about the snow and the cold, but we can give you a place to store your summer toys while you’re not using.  That should help give you more room in your homes.  We’ve already done articles on why residents of Park City might prefer our facilities and tips for winter storage; those might be worth a read if you haven’t seen them already.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage is a great idea for many reasons.  It can help you keep an inventory of what you have by making you switch out your storage on a seasonal basis.  It also saves room in your home, makes it easier to get rid of things you don’t need, and can even save you money under certain circumstances.

But what sort of items do you store over the winter?

1. Summer Clothing

In a small living space, it can make a big difference to have seasonal storage.  Your small closet will feel so much bigger this winter if the clothes you can only wear in the summer can be taken out and put into storage.  I’ve found the best way to store clothing is in vacuum-sealing bags.  Pack them up into the bag and then use a vacuum to suck the air out of them.  It allows you to maximize storage space by significantly reducing the size of the packages of clothes.  If that’s not available, then pack your clothes as best you can in stackable boxes.

2. Lawn Equipment

Winter StorageIt might be okay to leave your lawn equipment out during the summer, but winter is a different story.  The cold can damage the engines of powered lawn tools.  Tools buried under the snow can get lost, or even provide invisible hazards for kids playing in your yard.  Letting them to be buried completely under the snow will also leave them at the mercy of the cold and the damp, which can cause metal tools to rust, and wooden tools to crack.  All in all, inadequate protection over the winter will drastically shorten the life-span of your equipment.  Good seasonal storage can help protect these tools from the harsh winter while still letting you enjoy the space in your own home.

3. Recreational Equipment

All those fun summer toys just aren’t going to see much use when there’s snow on the ground.  Sporting gear like skateboards, hiking boots, life jackets, and other such things will just take up space in your home.  If you want to avoid the clutter, seasonal storage is a good way to get it.

4. Summer Vehicles

Just as your summer toys won’t see much use, you can forget your summer recreational vehicles, too.  Motorcycles and ATVs, and boats are best stored in places where they won’t be covered in snow, but your garage only has so much room.  The right-sized storage unit will provide shelter for your summer vehicles without forcing your to park your car out on the driveway.


Some Items Can Be Damaged by the Cold

Seasonal storage isn’t a good idea for everything. Cold temperatures can damage certain things even if they are in storage.  Electronics, battery-operated equipment, and liquids can all be ruined by the cold.  The fluctuating temperatures can cause condensation inside the electronics, causing irreparable damage.  If you’ve got the space, it’s better to keep these in your home.  If you must store them over the winter, such devices should be kept off the ground to keep them out of the sinking cold air.  Wrap them up in wool to keep the moisture out and help keep the temperature stable.  Before you put them into storage, take the time to clean them up, as the dust can also damage them.

Let Us Help You Out

If you’re in need of seasonal storage, we’ve got the space.  We just completed a major upgrade to our facilities over the summer and have lots of units to rent.  With sizes ranging from 7×12 to 14×40, we can meet all your seasonal storage needs, whether it’s just a few small times, or if you need a place to store that giant boat. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.

Winter self-storage

5 Tips for Self-Storage in the Winter

Winter self-storageWinter is coming. The cold will require some extra steps be taken to protect your things.  You’ll find now is the best time to check up on your storage and make sure everything is ready.  Let’s look over a few tips.


Why Have Seasonal Storage?

There are many things people don’t use during the colder months.  Especially if you have a small living space, seasonal storage can free up a lot of room in your house.  Seasonal clothing, recreational gear, lawn equipment, motorcycles and ATVs, these are all things that you won’t be using over the winter.  They all need to go somewhere, so why not put them in storage? That way, you won’t be bothered with them in your home.


Tips For Winter Storage


1. Make Repairs

When you put things into storage for the winter, you don’t usually plan to take them out again until you plan to use them.  It’s very inconvenient to pull an item out you want to use only to find it needs repairs.  To avoid this hassle, make any necessary repairs to your summer items before you put them away for the season.


2. Clean Everything

Things that sit gather dust and moisture, which can cause corrosion.  How much worse will that damage be if they’re already dirty before you put them in storage? Before you put anything into storage, make sure you clean it thoroughly.  This will not only protect it from the elements, but make it much easier to clean when you pull it out in the spring.


3. Use Cotton or Wool Covers

Vinyl or plastic covers are a bad idea for long-term storage.  They trap moisture, which leads to rot and rust.  A much better option is to use wool or cotton.  They breathe, allowing moisture to pass through it as it evaporates.  It can make all the difference for protecting your items.


4. Keep Electronics Off The Ground

The cold can damage electronics and batteries. Since cold air sinks, it’s always colder on the ground.  If you must store electronics over the winter, keep them elevated.  Put them on shelves, or get some wood pallets to keep them raised.  This will help keep your devices in good condition while they are in storage.


5. Winterize Your Summer Vehicles

One of the most common items to store over the winter are your summer vehicles.  Motorcycles, ATVs, even certain kinds of cars are best driven in the summer and put away during the winter.   Take steps to protect your vehicles from the cold.  SE Performance recently put out an article for winterizing your motorcycle and it’s full of good advice.  Take similar steps for other kinds of vehicles.  If you don’t know what they are, you can check with a local mechanic, who will be happy to help you out.


We’ve Got The Space

If you’re looking to make some space in your house this winter, consider coming to us for some seasonal storage.  Since we have no time commitments, you’re free to load up over the winter and empty out in the summer.  Feel free to get in touch with us to get a quote, or find out about our availability.  We recently completed expansions to our facilities, so we’ve got plenty of space for you to rent.

Park City

Park City Storage Problems And How We Can Help

tenantsPark City Vs. Wanship

Do you live in Park City?  Do you need storage space?  Well, there are plenty of places to rent storage units inside the city limits, but taking a space there might not be the best idea.  Consider Vernon Storage instead.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Why should I get a storage unit in Wanship when I live in Park City?”  It’s a good question and there are three simple reasons: space,cost, and ease of access.


We’re Still Close

We’re not as far from Park City as you might think.  Wanship is less than 20 miles away from Park City and there’s a freeway that goes all the way there.  Depending on the route you take, it can be between 20 and 30 minutes to get here.  We have easy access both on and off the freeway, so you’ll be able to get to us however you approach.

You might wonder how driving and extra 20 to 30 minutes might be more convenient than in town.  That’s still about an hour’s worth of travel when the trip back is calculated in, right?  This is true.  If you had to visit every day, it would be a hassle, but you don’t, do you?  No, of course not.  You go there maybe once a month at most.  If you needed to drop by every day, something in town might be more convenient for time, but since you don’t, you ought to consider the other benefits we offer over Park City.


Much Cheaper!

In a big, crowded place like Park City, space is at a premium.  You expect this from big cities.  Because more people live in the area, there is less space to offer. There has to be enough housing for the population, for one.  There also still has to be space for the businesses that keep the local economy going and provide people with the services they require.  Since every city has certain services and businesses that are necessary to function, the value of space goes up pretty fast as the population rises. As a result, prices for storage space in Park City are quite high.  The cheapest prices available in Park City start at $80 and can go as high as over $300.

Conversely, out here in Wanship, the population density is much lower and there’s much more space to spread out.  This means that we can offer you storage space at as low as 2/3 the cost of a big city.  The savings on that alone outweigh the cost of the short drive to get here.


More Room!

Easy AccessSpace is at a premium in Park City.  That means its not only more expensive, but there’s less of it.  The cheapest you’ll pay in Park City is $80 and what will that get you?  A measly 5×5 unit.  And that’s assuming you get a good deal.  Many places that rent storage space charge as much as $100 for that size.  At over $300, you’ll get a 10×25 space.  On top of that, you also have to factor in the cost of parking, since parking is never free in a big city.

At Vernon Storage, our smallest units are start at 7×12, giving you more than twice the space at minimum.  Our largest units go up to 14×40, again more than double what you can get within city limits.  For the cost of a short drive, you can get more space, meaning you’ll be able to get by renting one unit when you might otherwise need two.  This dramatically reduces the amount of money you spend each month while giving you more room to move about in your storage space when you’re packing and unpacking.  It’s a great bargain!


No Rush, No Fuss!

Park CityRecently, traffic has started to become a problem in Park City.  The rapid development of the city has brought increased living costs.  The rent is going up fast.  This has resulted in a lot of its workers commuting rather than living there.  More commuters means more cars on the road and this has led to some serious congestion problems.  While the city is and will continue to work to reduce these problems, it can only be expected that the traffic problems will continue to grow as the city does. It’s just a fact of life for big cities.

How does this affect the self-storage business? Well, traffic congestion can make it harder to access storage facilities.  You’ll spend more time trying to get in and out of the facility, choking down car exhaust as the people drive by without any concern for your attempts to get on the road.  You’ll have to move quickly to escape the trap these facilities can become, especially during rush hour.

Out here in Wanship, though, that’s never a problem. The traffic around here moves pretty smoothly.  You won’t have to worry about getting into or out of our facilities, regardless of the time. You’ll be in and out with a snap of your fingers whatever time you want to drop by.  No rush, no fuss!


See How Vernon Storage Can Help You!

So, do you need some storage?  Get in touch with us and see just how much more affordable and convenient we are.  For the cost of a short drive, you’ll spend less money and get more space, causing you less worry.  See how we can help you with all your storage needs.


Expansion Update


Vernon Storage serves an amazing number of clients. Not just in Summit County, our customers come in from all the surrounding Utah area, including Park City, Coalville, and Kamas County.  In response to the growth of our business, our facilities recently underwent a major expansion.  Over the summer, we’ve worked in two phases to increase the amount of storage space we can provide to customers in the Summit County area and beyond.

Phase 1

Phase 1 adds three new buildings with 89 total units.   The unit sizes are as follows:

  • 14’x40’ units with 12’ wide x 14’ high doors
  • 14’x30’ units with 12’ wide x 12’ high doors
  • 12’x25’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 12’x20’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 15’x12’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 5’x12’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 7’x12’ units with 5’ wide x 10’ high doors


Phase 2

Phase 2 adds two new buildings with 60 total units.  The unit sizes are as follows:

  • 12’x25’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 5’x12’ units with 10’ wide x 10’ high doors
  • 9’x12’ units with 7’ wide x 10’ high doors


Expansion Complete

As of last July, the construction completed.  With five new buildings and a total of 149 new units, we hope our centrally located facility will be able to provide our customers with the best storage available.  With easy access both on and off the freeway, you’ll find us a short drive from your home and a convenient place to store your items for however long you need them stored.


Check Our Availability

If you’re looking for convenient, affordable self-storage, we’ve got what you need.  See what we have available and how we can help you declutter your home.  We have a wide range of unit sizes for you to choose from.  We have small units good for storing furniture, all the way up to big units good for boats and recreational vehicles.  Don’t hesitate!  Get in touch with us today and see what we have available.


5 Common Items Stored at Vernon Storage


You see a lot of strange items in this business. You never know what people are going to decide is worth keeping in storage.  That said, there are certain items that are more common to store than others.  Here are the five most common things people store at Vernon Storage.

1. RVs and Motorhomes

RVs and motorhomes take up a lot of space and are getting bigger every year.  When I was younger, a 10-foot RV was big.  Now some are as long as 40 feet.  That’s bigger than the shark in Jaws!

Something that big needs a lot of storage space. It’s often inconvenient to keep something like that at your house.  It can take up the entire driveway by itself and may even be too large for some. That’s a lot of space to devote to something that only sees seasonal use.  That’s why a rented storage unit from Vernon Storage is the perfect place.  You can store your RVs and motorhomes with us and give yourself more room in your driveway for things that you need to use everyday.

2.  Boats

Boat            Boats can also be pretty big.  With sizes ranging from 14-30 feet and sometimes even bigger, a boat can also eat up all of your driveway space by itself.  Unless you enjoy making your neighbors jealous, there’s really not a good reason to park it at home.  Rent a good-sized storage unit from us and don’t worry about it.

3.  ATVs and PWCs

All-Terrain Vehicles and Personal Water Crafts are also pretty commonly stored with us.  While not as big as boats or motorhomes, these vehicles are still only seasonal use items and may not be worth keeping at home all year round. Some clients will rent a storage unit from us for just the few months that they get no use out of these vehicles and pull them out during the spring and summer months.  With no extended commitments, you don’t have to worry about being charged for storage sheds when you’re not using them.  If you just want to use it a couple months out of the year and save some money, that’s totally fine with us.  Or if you find you don’t have room for them, we’re always available for year round storage.  It’s all up to you how you want to use our services.

4.  Furniture

According to an article in the New York Times, furniture is the most commonly stored item in the US.  Around seven million households have at least one piece of furniture in storage. Furniture is a readily available item that often carries a lot of sentimental value for people.  Good furniture represents a sense of ownership of a place.  For a family, it can represent the good times spent together.  It’s also pretty expensive.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why someone might not want to get rid of furniture they don’t need anymore if it’s still in good condition.  After all, it could still be useful to someone in the future, perhaps after your kids move out.  So, rather than throw it out, a lot of people elect to put it in storage for the future. For that, Vernon Storage can meet any need.  Even our smallest units are good for storing a most kinds of furniture.

5.  Miscellaneous Household Items

Ornaments.  Knick-knacks. Items.  Stuff.  Things.

It’s easy for your house to get cluttered with possessions.  There are a lot of reasons why you might not want to or be able to store them all in your home.  Perhaps you’re moving into a smaller home for a while and don’t have room.  Maybe you’re remodeling and need a place to put the furniture you have to move.  It’s generally not financially smart to rent a storage unit for long-term storage of miscellaneous items, but our lack of contractual obligations serves you well there, too.  If you just need some temporary storage, our units are rented on an as-needed basis, so you only pay for the amount of time that you use them and you can cancel the contract at any time once you no longer need them.  This can save just a little bit more space in your home while you’re dealing with life’s little surprises.


See How We Can Help You!

These are the most common things stored in our facility, but they are by no means the only things you can store.  If you’ve got a need for extra storage space, get in touch and see how we can help you today!