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5 Things You Should Never Put in Storage

Just recently, there was a fire in a storage facility in Hyrum City. Although firefighters did there best to put it out quickly, it still did close to $1.5 million in damage. (source). While the cause of the fire has not been released as yet, it did get me thinking about how some thing shouldn’t […]

How to Pick the Right Size Storage Unit

Maybe you’re moving and you need a place to store your things while you prepare to get into your new house.  Maybe you just have a lot of junk taking up space that don’t have time to go through.  Or maybe a relative died and left you a lot of things that you don’t have […]

Spring-Cleaning for Self-Storage

The winter is coming to an end. With the snow starting to melt as the weather warms, it’s a good time for some spring-cleaning. That includes your self-storage. Seasonal Storage Last fall, we talked about why seasonal storage is good. It’s a great way to save space in your home. By switching out your storage […]

Death Cleaning: How Self-Storage Can Help

So Much Stuff As we get older, we begin to accumulate things. Whether it’s a compulsive hoarding habit, or just procrastination of proper cleanout, the older we get, the more possessions we have.  It’s not something anybody thinks about – until there’s a death in the family. Once that happens, all that clutter needs to go somewhere. […]

Things People Store During the Winter

Seasonal Storage For Summit County and Beyond! The first snowfalls have come this year and it looks like it’s not going to let up.  Predictions for Utah this year are that we’ll have colder than average temperatures and deeper snowfall than previous years.  Park City will certainly enjoy that; the heavy snowfalls will be great for […]