Seasonal Storage for Park City, Summit County, and More

Isn’t Storage Expensive?

Seasonal Storage for Park City, Summit County, and more            This is something that comes up a lot when asking about storage: is it worth it? After all, you’re paying money to have a place to store your stuff. Isn’t it easier to just store it at home, or just get rid of things? Well, yes, that can be less expensive but it isn’t always possible or convenient. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what you do and don’t need to keep.

That’s where seasonal storage helps.

What is Seasonal Storage?

Seasonal storage is the practice of using a storage space for seasonal purposes. In winter, you store things that you only use in the summer, while in the summer, you store things you only use in winter. This practice lets you have more space in your home by only keeping the things you’re currently using in your home. It’s a very simple practice. But how does that help?

Going Through Your Storage

One way that seasonal storage helps you is that it makes you take a look at the things you store every few months. Yes, it’s generally cheaper to get rid of things you don’t need, but it can be hard to work out what you don’t need. One of the major problems with storing things is that you put them in an attic, or basement, or storage shed and then you never think about them again. This causes your storage to fill up with things that you aren’t using, which means you forget about them.   Then, one day you go through your storage and find things you haven’t thought about in years.

At that point, it’s fairly obvious that you’re not using it, but by then you’ve got huge piles of junk that you’ve built up. The more you have in your storage, the harder it is to commit to going through. You get into a bad habit of putting things in storage, but never going through them.

With seasonal storage, however, you’re going through everything regularly. That means you always know how much you have in storage and generally know what’s in it. The back-and-forth you do with the changing of the seasons means you quickly realize what you aren’t using and what you are. That makes it so much easier to get rid of things.

Space Is A Limiting Factor

Park City

Space in Park City is expensive.

There’s a reason why you aren’t storing everything at home to begin with. Space is a commodity in its own right and you have a limited amount of it. This is especially true in big cities, like Park City. Park City is on a growth trend, with business and residential growth steadily eating up the space. That means that renting storage space in Park City comes at a premium; you have to pay more for less space because there isn’t as much to go around.  In just the last few years alone, the average price of homes in Park City has gone up 19%. As the city grows, you’ll begin to see the prices going up even more, as well as more serious traffic congestion.

That’s why some Park City residents prefer to come to us. We’re not a very far drive out, but we can rent our space much lower prices than in town. Since Park City is a great sports town, with both winter and summer sports attractions, seasonal storage is great. Since you won’t be coming to your storage unit every day, why pay more for it? The short drive to our facility saves you a lot more money in the long run.

Come See What We Have to Offer!

Here at Vernon Storage, we pride ourselves on offering great storage space at low prices. With a variety of storage sizes to pick from, we can meet all your storage needs. Get in touch today and see how we can save you some money and make your life more convenient.